Thursday, November 21, 2002

SO! Time to get into personal blogging!

Firstly, I'm still kicking myself that I have finished uni - having completed honours. i was at school for five years - but heaps of years before that even! I've not really had a relax since actually - because my job started pretty much straight away.

I've enjoyed being there full time so far. I'm certainly spending more time with work people - which i didn't really have the chance to properly engage with before. a bit of a shame, because they are really nice. Deb's still away on leave - so it's mostly Peter, Mark and sometimes Gez in the morning - and then all the guys go home and then it's all girls in the afternoon. The best thing was talking with a new media guy called Dave Lane and the Backyard coordinator Rae Allen - they've put me in touch with a few good headstarts! Firstly who does what in Victoria, and then the backfence email list - where you can ask questions and post info for others. i got a great 'clipper' program installed - where every cut and paste you do will automatically re-align itself - for occasionally in 'Wallace' there are lines that scatter etc. this thing neatens them up, and how cute is the name of the program 'clippy' - oh so cute.

This week i've spoken with Vincent quite a bit - the little dear heart. and i spoke with Catherine yesterday, and she's going ok - said that Amy's not quite better yet - so that's a bit bad...

I've started making Granny's skirt for Alice's wedding and i finished the wraps off last night. should be good. now i'm totally sounding like a geek (weddings for gods sake) so i'm off.

Friday, November 08, 2002

I'm now an official full time employee of ABC! I am really nervous and excited!