Monday, April 25, 2005

Country delights

We all laugh about the country and living here. But sometimes things are just a little bit wrong.

A well known festival about some famous Bard is annually held in a nearby town. The sound of a traditional Tudor Banquet with food, wine & entertainment sounded good enough for V & I, and the fact that Crockett would be there (and his lovely family) and we would enjoy ourselves to the max.

But Richard III, watery soup in a shallow bowl and a MEAT PIE was just ridiculous. Vman was so mad I thought he'd punch the table, and I was so mad I just HAD to eat the MEAT PIE to get our $30 a head money's worth. Total Shit. And what's with the AMATEUR theatre company (but they are from melbourne, so they must be unreal) doing totally shit shakespeare (some couldn't even pronounce their lines er er art thou)? Richard the Third is so very bland and boring.

Anyways, we laughed and laughed and laughed and left at half time. Ha Ha.

While Sat. night was so annoying, last night was brilliant, laughing and 'conversations' at K&G's in Briag. K's so funny - and Vman gave him the Cabaret photos he got framed up and K couldn't stop smiling, his eyes were twinkling. Cute!

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Little Britain Hater

I have found someone who doesn't find Little Britan funny - well I don't really know the person at all - It's a blogger - and... well... I can't believe it!

Ausculture writes: I don’t get the Little Britain phenomenon, I really don’t. I sat down and watched it one day and literally managed a half-smirk twenty minutes into it - and that’s all. It just strikes me as… oh, what’s the word… shit? Yes, that’s it. Utterly overrated.

And, as I'm going through mixed emotions (as always when I read other people's blogs - I should just stop) - I thought I'd complain about SOMEONE ELSE'S THOUGHTS. Ummmahhh.

I've never really done that before, and as you know I'm no big whinger or big writer and everytime I read other people's blogs I get narky and want to write a lot in mine.

I wonder if working in radio has changed my opinion of text full stop. It's not necessary in my work that much, and when I do have to write something down for a script or for an email I become the procrastinator of the nation.

So, I'm in love with Little Britain and will watch it over and over because I love it so. Another thing: Ausculture's site is sponsored by google ads and there was an ad telling me to go buy Little Britain tickets when they tour the UK.


Monday, April 04, 2005

campaigner job

Is this for real?

Campaigner Job

Gee Whiz.