Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Little Britain Hater

I have found someone who doesn't find Little Britan funny - well I don't really know the person at all - It's a blogger - and... well... I can't believe it!

Ausculture writes: I don’t get the Little Britain phenomenon, I really don’t. I sat down and watched it one day and literally managed a half-smirk twenty minutes into it - and that’s all. It just strikes me as… oh, what’s the word… shit? Yes, that’s it. Utterly overrated.

And, as I'm going through mixed emotions (as always when I read other people's blogs - I should just stop) - I thought I'd complain about SOMEONE ELSE'S THOUGHTS. Ummmahhh.

I've never really done that before, and as you know I'm no big whinger or big writer and everytime I read other people's blogs I get narky and want to write a lot in mine.

I wonder if working in radio has changed my opinion of text full stop. It's not necessary in my work that much, and when I do have to write something down for a script or for an email I become the procrastinator of the nation.

So, I'm in love with Little Britain and will watch it over and over because I love it so. Another thing: Ausculture's site is sponsored by google ads and there was an ad telling me to go buy Little Britain tickets when they tour the UK.


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