Thursday, July 29, 2004

Just lost a really boring post, it was full of lists. Lists I will never read again, Lists I will never really need again.

It went along the lines of... buy Claire some paw paw cream before going overseas and give v-man lots of kisses on the weekend. Typical, and the above was the good part.

I'm still trying to locate my voice in all of this blog. I think because I have such short snippets of writing, bursts of blogging inspiration like every three or four months, I lose my online writing sense of being. I loved it when I was at uni (the good old days) and harped on about whatever stuff... although I've looked ( at what i used to write at uni and it's really boring, this is the most interesting page I've ever written. Shito really.

I'm leaving to play spider solitaire some more before I go back to work.

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Funny blog from Melbourne...

I've just read the funniest post, and I think it's because I knew about the content. I wonder if you just read other blogs forever without familiarity you'll feel lonely and lost. I read this person's blog and just have to link to it - Ms Fits is the person behind the writings, and I've just found out she (perhaps?) is small - well she seems to know a lot about being small anyways.

Har Har, I may write comments to her messages in the future if they are funny again... Go blogger, it feels like spying on other people's lives and I keep forgeting how fun that is. And I also keep forgeting what tone to write my posts in... Do I write as if I am reading it? Do I write to Vincent? Do I write to the unknown reader? Do I really care?

Goodnight, I have to get up for work (don't we all - apart from arts students out there) and it's a bit late for me.
I'm having a msn conversation with this guy chris who i've met online over three years ago. And we maybe talk once a year. He's ok - but very forward. He lives in Sydney, so that's ok then.  He meets people in real life who he meets online, and i've never done that before. I don't really meet that many people online and if I do - i already know them from real life.

Anyways, today i went to work, organised the program before Jo left, i did some online type stuff. came home ate a salad and played the Sims again. i'm not really addicted, i would be in the computer was faster! Anyways, i came back to work and the manager really made me mad for some reason - he's so bad at organising things and today i nicely confronted him about a few things here at there... hmmmmm!

I miss vincent badly, so i'll send him a goodbye ether kiss (not ether as in the liquid - as in 'through the ether') i love you darling boy!

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

I've been looking around at people's blogs recently and I feel so daggy. I'm so not into blogging and I just want to be into blogging. Nevertheless, I'm writing to say I'm going to Japan and UK in less than three weeks! So maybe I'll get all ready to blog then! Yippee!

I've moved back to mum and dads, I've been playing spider solitaire because it's really fun and hard to win. Vincent and I have been really busy and seeing movies. 'Closer' screened at the Cannes Film Festival and premiered in Melbourne this festival as well. It was really good, Vincent was worried about one shot but I'm not worried at all. It was lovely and beautiful.