Wednesday, July 28, 2004

I'm having a msn conversation with this guy chris who i've met online over three years ago. And we maybe talk once a year. He's ok - but very forward. He lives in Sydney, so that's ok then.  He meets people in real life who he meets online, and i've never done that before. I don't really meet that many people online and if I do - i already know them from real life.

Anyways, today i went to work, organised the program before Jo left, i did some online type stuff. came home ate a salad and played the Sims again. i'm not really addicted, i would be in the computer was faster! Anyways, i came back to work and the manager really made me mad for some reason - he's so bad at organising things and today i nicely confronted him about a few things here at there... hmmmmm!

I miss vincent badly, so i'll send him a goodbye ether kiss (not ether as in the liquid - as in 'through the ether') i love you darling boy!

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