Thursday, July 29, 2004

Just lost a really boring post, it was full of lists. Lists I will never read again, Lists I will never really need again.

It went along the lines of... buy Claire some paw paw cream before going overseas and give v-man lots of kisses on the weekend. Typical, and the above was the good part.

I'm still trying to locate my voice in all of this blog. I think because I have such short snippets of writing, bursts of blogging inspiration like every three or four months, I lose my online writing sense of being. I loved it when I was at uni (the good old days) and harped on about whatever stuff... although I've looked ( at what i used to write at uni and it's really boring, this is the most interesting page I've ever written. Shito really.

I'm leaving to play spider solitaire some more before I go back to work.

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