Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Relocation to the Max

While I've often been known to blog elsewhere about New York City and how my darling and I were going to relocate big time, our destination for relocation has changed!

We are in Sydney instead. A bigger city, still, but no overseas stories to report. Oh well. It's fabulous though! Vman and I have found bigger jobs (the reason for the change) and everything is good so far. I've dropped of the local radio radar for the time being and working nationally is quite sweet really! Daunting at times!

So far I've met Patience from the Grates:

And she's really great, and cute (on the right). I've also met a whole bunch of other people, some nice, some weird (Chopper Read) and more to come as my job continues to be great! It's really great, because I worked so hard where I was before this and feel that this is totally good karma swinging back. So yeah.