Tuesday, August 24, 2004

In Islington at the moment, writing this from an internet cafe right near claire and trent's house.


is a very interesting eye catching poster around here on the underground at the moment and i could write numerous posts about my love for corey haim in my teenage years.

will have more time later - seeing as i'm paying for the hour and i've only got 9 minutes left!!!

and the other new thing i've learnt recently is this online paper: http://www.theonion.com/

it has some great articles - just found out that kirsten dunst has dumped america for a european hunk and george w has got a new look to his oval office:

"Took long enough," Bush said, lounging on one of the two overstuffed green leather couches he'd ordered from Jennifer Convertibles. "Just getting these couches was a chore—they almost didn't fit through the door. Then, arranging them so I could see the plasma TV while I stretched out was a real pain. Every time I thought I'd got them in a good place, I'd look and see I'd blocked out the Presidential Seal on the carpet. I didn't want to do that unless I had to." see the rest here:


Thursday, August 19, 2004

A copy of an email i just wrote to v-man.

Hi the keyboard changes without notice to hiragana and katakana so i:m sorry baby, i can:t seem to write how i feel,
i:m too busy watching the words.
anyways, i love you heaps and wish you were here with me to give me cuddles. even though it:s 37 degrees today.

i:ll give you a quick run down on what we did - and hope that the keyboard keeps writing english.

friday - in flight entertainment was shrek 2, walking tall or standing tall (totally shit), hell boy and the day after tomorrow.

i:m not sure about hellboy baby - but ron perlman was great and totally cute with a red face.

we had good food - vegie is a great option and i read a book i bought.

saturday - we went to tokyo, busy city. it was pretty good all round. we went to shibuya, then daikinyama for shopping and lunch and we all bought awesome things.
then we went to shinjuku and drank at a bar that was so stylish - five bucks cover to sit and we could only sit for two hours max. we then had to pay for drinks on top of that. but the service was excellent and the toilets were to die for . you didn:t need to touch anything. handsfree flush and running water. and there was ear cleaners in the bathrooms too.

we met cinderella from tokyo disney there too and she was hilarious.

angus came and met us (us is phil sal and amelia ^ when you order stuff you say mitza meaning three) as well as a funny english gay boy friends of sal:s who is meaning three) as well as a funny english gay boy friends of sal:s who is also an english teacher. we went to this pub type restuarant were you can smoke and drink and eat fatty jap food. it:s called an issakaiya we got drunk and went home eat fatty jap food. it:s called an issakaiya we got drunk and went home.

sunday - we woke up (late ten - or eleven everyday here) and went to tokyo harbour:s suburb called Odaiba - and shopped and ate great food and shopped some more and went on the biggest ferris wheel in the world. i bought a cheap nintendo game boy from one of the electric town suburbs in tokyo too. WOW!

monday - woke up went to tobu super pool all afternoon. it was lovely and cold and i got my feet wet. my feet got really big on the plane - like i:m preggers or something and have been horrid every day. sore as hell as sally would say. it:s terrible - but oh well. i should have trained to be a tourist really. i think it:s just the heat. atsui desu ne. hot isn:t it.... we saw the cutest little boy in the world say that to his mum at the pool - he was gorgeous. i want to take all the kids home for you to see - so cute. OH, after pool we went shopping and went to pub restarant here in omiya - sal and phil:s town -and then sang karaoke. i sang roy orbison:s crying really well and robbie for you

tuesday - woke up and went to yokohama (harbour city south of tokyo) becase that:s were angus lives. i went by my self tooooooo! yippee! we had a great time shopping and thank you for my 20, 000 yen because i bought a great jacket - one that actually fits and some JEANZU - some gorgeous jeans!!!! yippee, you are such a gorgeous boy. how sneaky of you to get that money.

we looked around the harbour and drank some beer and shopped some more.

then i met my japanese friend akiko yesterday in tokyo and we shopped... i called chisato too - no reply but i let a message on her phone....
i better go now because my hour is getting thin and i:ll totally write properly in london, because i:ts taken me ages to figure out the keyboard.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

When I caught up with the O.S. crew the other night Sally and Phil suggested a few things to bring over that would help them out big time. Phil really likes this kind of hair product, American Crew, and I haven't been able to find it anywhere - Lucky for Victoria Gardens near Vincent's house. There is a big long list of retailers there in case we need it next time.

Sunday, August 08, 2004

There are just so many fun places to go in Tokyo - I've just found the Metropolis Visitors Guide to Tokyo and what about this:

"Shibuya Crossing (exit Hachiko)—Every three minutes complete anarchy ensues at the world's busiest intersection. Observe it from the second floor of Starbucks or join the troops."

Sounds crazy.
There's going to be a bunch of memory lanes to go down once I get to England.

I'm already feeling gooshy about it all, and I've just found the OXFORD TUBE and that's made me really happy too.

Have a look at the updated design on the side:

Gorgeous. The many times I caught the Oxford Tube I would have my notebook and write and write and write. I think I'd even made a promise to myself never to travel without a pen and paper (of some sort - as I've learnt that there is a reason to keep those receipts from the ATM) I wrote a bunch of peoms on that bus (peoms was what I called them!), one about bus drivers who look you in the eye, one about Fredrick (was that his name?) who gave me hickies! He was a young Swedish boy, very cute.

I'm getting REALLY excited about going, and I spoke with Sally and Claire tonight about it too!!! Yippee. I so can't wait for both trips, but mostly Tokyo - because I've never been and I just can't wait for cuteness galore.
After Japan, of course, I'm going to London to visit my friends there. I'm so happy about my little trip, although it's not that adventureous really. I've been to all these places (minus tokyo) before. Anways, here is a site for all things London and Islington looks great so far. Vintage shops are along the main street - I like it!

I wonder where the pub is for C and T? They must have a local by now, right? Well, I'm sure I would.
Not long to my trip! Yippee! I opened my travel info et al today and checked my itinerary, and noticed my name was spelt incorrectly - Ameila instead of Amelia - so I then checked the japanese airline tickets and they were wrong too!!! I'll have to talk with the travel woman again because the name now doesn't match my passport - and hopefully I can get the tix changed over before Friday!!! Eep!

So I have to:

  • Call Sally and check about the bus from Narita Airport to Saitama
  • Call Claire and have a little conversation - I'm not sure why I'm going to call her, maybe to goss
  • Buy Amy a 8x10 frame for her photo of Spike and send that to her before Friday
  • Pick my skirts up from the girls at school
  • Take a photocopy of my passport
  • Take out travel insurance with the bank
  • Shift my money over to the better account

All this before Friday. Doesn't look to hard actually. I've spent the past week thinking about what clothes to pack, what handbag to use, what wallet to take, and this week I'll have to actually start doing it!

Friday, August 06, 2004

I've been talking with Vanessa at work (again) and sorting things out for my leave from work.
I'm totally getting excited because today is Friday and now I only have a week left to go. Vanessa says her friend has just arrive back and has a blog of his travels. >>>Gidz guide to: >>> There it is!

Thursday, August 05, 2004

And being a little bored I thought I'd look into online computer games. Do you ever get that itching feeling about things you want to google? I feel agitated that I can't remember what I wanted to look up, and I start feeling undernourished or under-real. Like as if because I can't think of something to look up or check up on or explore or discover or smile at, I feel not real. I think that's the equation I'm trying to create here. I don't feel value first off, and then pissed off that I can't think of anything. And thus... >>> Do It Yourself Adventure >>> My sure fire things to look up are online games and free stuff.

I remember the first few months of using the internet in year 12 was to find free stuff. mugs, mouse pads, stickers, key chains. my god it was crappy free stuff. Trent started it and of course I followed eagerly. The search engines were so different then. Yahoo was around, and about five or six other strange names... I wonder if I'll ever remember them... I did have a favourite one. Oh (*sigh*) internet memories.
I think V would really laugh at this, I laughed a lot and I found it care of my favourite blogger. >>> RAMONES NAME GENERATOR >>> . I wonder if you have to be granted permission by the blogger so that they can become your favourite? Or can I just proclaim that she is my favourite blogger without introducing myself?

Confusing, I'm sure. I'm not sure about the lack of paragraphs this setting has created for me, I might log in and change it soon. Work whinge approaching >>> I just can't believe how idiotic my boss is. I wonder how many people around the world can say that? I can't believe some of the things this man does. What is an appropriate name for him? Any ideas anyone? Please leave comments if you can think of a handle. I can't leave any real info about him. I'm too afraid of defamation!!!! Anyways, he's a tosser and that's pretty much all he is.

Anyways, I'd better leave it at that.

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Angus is so lovely, he's just emailed me with this link on travel and stuff in Japan. >>>

Zone81.com - Information and Services for Gaijin in Japan, Trains, Food, Webmail, Jobs, Classifieds, Web Design, Web hosting, Sayonara sales, Dictionary and more

I'll have to have a good look at it later, because I'm at work now.

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Taking a tour around Tokyo on the net, everything seems quite good - people are saying that it's not as expensive as rumours have it.
Tokyo Review

>>> I've just visited this review of shopping or nice neighbourhoods for a bargain.

And installing blog this! onto mum and dad's computer - how else would i get by? it's getting too late to be blogging, but i just needed to post that link in case i forget the place names. it's going to be pretty hard getting around tokyo... oh well. i'll survive, i'm such a big girl.
So, there was this tennis coach at a private school in the city. he fancied a 14 year old girl, who fell under his charms. until she was 18 years old. she's now come 'out of the woodwork' to charge the man with having an underage affair (not rape?) and she won in court yesterday. he goes to prison for this last night! i saw in the paper that the jury had more women than men in it, but does this matter. 14 years old isn't an adult, she wouldn't haven't had had a clue. I think you tend to think that you know what's going on then, at that age, but if a teacher (someone in authority) takes that relationship further - that's pretty bad.

There was a young woman with this man in the paper too (walking with him last night on the news) and how would that feel like? A man you're walking with has taken guidence and responsiblity and thrown it away and mistreated trust. A man (maybe she was a sister and not a girlfriend?) you know has (ages ago) done that.

Vanessa from work is so fun and she's very helpful. Lucky I called her just now to help out on a story, because her friends have just got back from Tokyo and used this site as a guide before they went>>> superfuture.

yippee. I can't wait to go (less than two weeks to go - more like ten days!) and now i'll be able to check this site out.