Thursday, August 05, 2004

And being a little bored I thought I'd look into online computer games. Do you ever get that itching feeling about things you want to google? I feel agitated that I can't remember what I wanted to look up, and I start feeling undernourished or under-real. Like as if because I can't think of something to look up or check up on or explore or discover or smile at, I feel not real. I think that's the equation I'm trying to create here. I don't feel value first off, and then pissed off that I can't think of anything. And thus... >>> Do It Yourself Adventure >>> My sure fire things to look up are online games and free stuff.

I remember the first few months of using the internet in year 12 was to find free stuff. mugs, mouse pads, stickers, key chains. my god it was crappy free stuff. Trent started it and of course I followed eagerly. The search engines were so different then. Yahoo was around, and about five or six other strange names... I wonder if I'll ever remember them... I did have a favourite one. Oh (*sigh*) internet memories.

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