Thursday, August 19, 2004

A copy of an email i just wrote to v-man.

Hi the keyboard changes without notice to hiragana and katakana so i:m sorry baby, i can:t seem to write how i feel,
i:m too busy watching the words.
anyways, i love you heaps and wish you were here with me to give me cuddles. even though it:s 37 degrees today.

i:ll give you a quick run down on what we did - and hope that the keyboard keeps writing english.

friday - in flight entertainment was shrek 2, walking tall or standing tall (totally shit), hell boy and the day after tomorrow.

i:m not sure about hellboy baby - but ron perlman was great and totally cute with a red face.

we had good food - vegie is a great option and i read a book i bought.

saturday - we went to tokyo, busy city. it was pretty good all round. we went to shibuya, then daikinyama for shopping and lunch and we all bought awesome things.
then we went to shinjuku and drank at a bar that was so stylish - five bucks cover to sit and we could only sit for two hours max. we then had to pay for drinks on top of that. but the service was excellent and the toilets were to die for . you didn:t need to touch anything. handsfree flush and running water. and there was ear cleaners in the bathrooms too.

we met cinderella from tokyo disney there too and she was hilarious.

angus came and met us (us is phil sal and amelia ^ when you order stuff you say mitza meaning three) as well as a funny english gay boy friends of sal:s who is meaning three) as well as a funny english gay boy friends of sal:s who is also an english teacher. we went to this pub type restuarant were you can smoke and drink and eat fatty jap food. it:s called an issakaiya we got drunk and went home eat fatty jap food. it:s called an issakaiya we got drunk and went home.

sunday - we woke up (late ten - or eleven everyday here) and went to tokyo harbour:s suburb called Odaiba - and shopped and ate great food and shopped some more and went on the biggest ferris wheel in the world. i bought a cheap nintendo game boy from one of the electric town suburbs in tokyo too. WOW!

monday - woke up went to tobu super pool all afternoon. it was lovely and cold and i got my feet wet. my feet got really big on the plane - like i:m preggers or something and have been horrid every day. sore as hell as sally would say. it:s terrible - but oh well. i should have trained to be a tourist really. i think it:s just the heat. atsui desu ne. hot isn:t it.... we saw the cutest little boy in the world say that to his mum at the pool - he was gorgeous. i want to take all the kids home for you to see - so cute. OH, after pool we went shopping and went to pub restarant here in omiya - sal and phil:s town -and then sang karaoke. i sang roy orbison:s crying really well and robbie for you

tuesday - woke up and went to yokohama (harbour city south of tokyo) becase that:s were angus lives. i went by my self tooooooo! yippee! we had a great time shopping and thank you for my 20, 000 yen because i bought a great jacket - one that actually fits and some JEANZU - some gorgeous jeans!!!! yippee, you are such a gorgeous boy. how sneaky of you to get that money.

we looked around the harbour and drank some beer and shopped some more.

then i met my japanese friend akiko yesterday in tokyo and we shopped... i called chisato too - no reply but i let a message on her phone....
i better go now because my hour is getting thin and i:ll totally write properly in london, because i:ts taken me ages to figure out the keyboard.

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