Thursday, August 05, 2004

I think V would really laugh at this, I laughed a lot and I found it care of my favourite blogger. >>> RAMONES NAME GENERATOR >>> . I wonder if you have to be granted permission by the blogger so that they can become your favourite? Or can I just proclaim that she is my favourite blogger without introducing myself?

Confusing, I'm sure. I'm not sure about the lack of paragraphs this setting has created for me, I might log in and change it soon. Work whinge approaching >>> I just can't believe how idiotic my boss is. I wonder how many people around the world can say that? I can't believe some of the things this man does. What is an appropriate name for him? Any ideas anyone? Please leave comments if you can think of a handle. I can't leave any real info about him. I'm too afraid of defamation!!!! Anyways, he's a tosser and that's pretty much all he is.

Anyways, I'd better leave it at that.

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