Tuesday, August 03, 2004

So, there was this tennis coach at a private school in the city. he fancied a 14 year old girl, who fell under his charms. until she was 18 years old. she's now come 'out of the woodwork' to charge the man with having an underage affair (not rape?) and she won in court yesterday. he goes to prison for this last night! i saw in the paper that the jury had more women than men in it, but does this matter. 14 years old isn't an adult, she wouldn't haven't had had a clue. I think you tend to think that you know what's going on then, at that age, but if a teacher (someone in authority) takes that relationship further - that's pretty bad.

There was a young woman with this man in the paper too (walking with him last night on the news) and how would that feel like? A man you're walking with has taken guidence and responsiblity and thrown it away and mistreated trust. A man (maybe she was a sister and not a girlfriend?) you know has (ages ago) done that.


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