Sunday, August 08, 2004

Not long to my trip! Yippee! I opened my travel info et al today and checked my itinerary, and noticed my name was spelt incorrectly - Ameila instead of Amelia - so I then checked the japanese airline tickets and they were wrong too!!! I'll have to talk with the travel woman again because the name now doesn't match my passport - and hopefully I can get the tix changed over before Friday!!! Eep!

So I have to:

  • Call Sally and check about the bus from Narita Airport to Saitama
  • Call Claire and have a little conversation - I'm not sure why I'm going to call her, maybe to goss
  • Buy Amy a 8x10 frame for her photo of Spike and send that to her before Friday
  • Pick my skirts up from the girls at school
  • Take a photocopy of my passport
  • Take out travel insurance with the bank
  • Shift my money over to the better account

All this before Friday. Doesn't look to hard actually. I've spent the past week thinking about what clothes to pack, what handbag to use, what wallet to take, and this week I'll have to actually start doing it!

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