Sunday, August 08, 2004

There's going to be a bunch of memory lanes to go down once I get to England.

I'm already feeling gooshy about it all, and I've just found the OXFORD TUBE and that's made me really happy too.

Have a look at the updated design on the side:

Gorgeous. The many times I caught the Oxford Tube I would have my notebook and write and write and write. I think I'd even made a promise to myself never to travel without a pen and paper (of some sort - as I've learnt that there is a reason to keep those receipts from the ATM) I wrote a bunch of peoms on that bus (peoms was what I called them!), one about bus drivers who look you in the eye, one about Fredrick (was that his name?) who gave me hickies! He was a young Swedish boy, very cute.

I'm getting REALLY excited about going, and I spoke with Sally and Claire tonight about it too!!! Yippee. I so can't wait for both trips, but mostly Tokyo - because I've never been and I just can't wait for cuteness galore.

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