Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Funny blog from Melbourne...

I've just read the funniest post, and I think it's because I knew about the content. I wonder if you just read other blogs forever without familiarity you'll feel lonely and lost. I read this person's blog and just have to link to it - Ms Fits is the person behind the writings, and I've just found out she (perhaps?) is small - well she seems to know a lot about being small anyways.

Har Har, I may write comments to her messages in the future if they are funny again... Go blogger, it feels like spying on other people's lives and I keep forgeting how fun that is. And I also keep forgeting what tone to write my posts in... Do I write as if I am reading it? Do I write to Vincent? Do I write to the unknown reader? Do I really care?

Goodnight, I have to get up for work (don't we all - apart from arts students out there) and it's a bit late for me.

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