Thursday, July 26, 2001

I have a slight sickness (only nasal) and am of course in the country. The only time I ever have to blogg stuff is here, because it's sooooo boring. I am hoping that I won't get bored after a few months, the job is still fun city and totally interesting. Unfortunately Debbie goes on long service leave soon, and then I'll be left to fend for myself, however fortunately, GEORGIA becomes my morning presenter, and therefore we are a team until Deb gets back. I hope so. Because I have a thing for Georgia, but don't tell Vincent. Actually if Georgia is in the job, I shall have to tell Vincent, it's fair. Ohhhh, I have got a big crush on Vincentino! I can't wait to see him tomorrow. Last week, when I saw him at the bar, after not seeing him for a few days I almost had a heart attack he was so spunky!

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