Saturday, September 27, 2003

Hi there, how long has it been?

So much for being bored in the country, it's been almost the opposite. I see that my last post was in February and I think I was doing a search for DVD's (Calamity Jane) to buy, and that would've been because my brother bought me a dvd player for Christmas...

But I've found that I love buying DVDs but never really sit down and watch them... I like hiring them out (instead of videos) with Vincent and I really like watching all the extra bits (Zoolander was good). But the buying thing... Everytime I walk into JB Hifi (which isn't really often these days - as I'm not in the city and there's so not one here in Sale) I look at the Buffy Collection or the other movies. And I really really really want to have a DVD fund to save up for all the Buffy collection ones, but will I really watch them? Do i have time?

Vincent wants me to eat soup with him now... cute boy.

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