Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Hi there,

I've moved into my new house in town and I'm using Daniel's computer - yay!

I'm actually home sick today (although I'd probably be home at this time anyways) as a few people at work are ill, I caught one of their colds!

I've got Rocky Horror rehearsals tonight, I'll take Ned over this time. It's good so far, a huge bunch of people and lots of smiley faces! It'll be great to put the show on. I'm Janet Weiss, and hopefully we'll do a song that I'm in tonight! Last week was 'Time Warp' and of course Janet doesn't do anything for that!

We'll see!

Anyways, apart from being slightly ill, I'm going along ok. My boss was sick yesterday, so we just mucked around and had fun. I really hope everything works out with this guy, he's kind of weird and although we have heaps of weird people at work, he hasn't really settled well so far. hmmmmm.

Oh well, I'm really going to TRY to write things in my blogs. Maybe the problem is that I've got too many, and too little time to write things in. Maybe also because I dont' really have a blog community to be involved in.

I know Vanessa at work is pretty into blogs, the time she came down she said she was catching up with friends by reading their blogs.... that's pretty cool, but none of my friends blog!

I tried to get Vincent into them, and although he was really excited by it and stuff, he just completely forgot about it when i left him to himself.

Haley came over before to hang out a little and she's going to go to Italy next year for sure!

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