Sunday, March 07, 2004

It's a gloomy but warmish Sunday here in Sale.

I've woken hot with Vincent, after quite a restless night for the both of us. His head was busy and I was just too hot under the covers, and wanting to hug him, but getting way too hot for hugs and so my sleep was muggy.

I read over some of Jill's novel again - and she's pretty good at telling a great story. I've heard some of the stories before but her writing style is quite good I guess.

Then Vincent and I watched Buffy - Pangs. Where Xander gets syphillus, and Buffy just wants Thanksgiving to be perfect.

That's only the second time I've watched that ep. because I think when it went live on channel seven I may have missed that ep in particular, but I've seen most of the others before in that box set. Unfortunately the video story sold me the 16:9 instead of the usual 4:3 - and apparently Joss told everyone that the 16:9 is the Warner release and he didn't like it or approve of it.

Anyways, I may have to get the next half of series four soon because I can't wait for: Tara to arrive - I didn't like her much the first time round but having known her a bit better after two or threes years now, I want to see her again. I was waiting for her to be bad the first time round. Just not wanting to trust her - was I siding with Buffy? I was I just waiting for a demon to walk out of her body. New people on Buffy take a while to build up trust with me (and other characters I guess), but how strange that I liked Spike straight away, even though he killed anything, and not someone like Tara.

I also can't wait for us to be over Riley, he's such a nong.

And I can't wait for Vincent to watch that 'Something Blue' episode - maybe we can squeeze it in before we go today - he's at a massage now. hopefully having a good time.

I'm going to search buffy sites now to see what that WD or WP - sticker means.

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