Saturday, October 09, 2004

Election Day - what a drag

Oh well, at least it's a chance to be part of a democracy - even it's only ONE day every three-four years. Now what I'm hanging for is to see how many Greens get into the Senate - woopee!!!

At the moment I'm reading through Ms Fits blog to check out what she's thinking about the last week of the campaign. Her taxi driver survey seems pretty good - let's see though. It's past six so, you buggers who forgot/too busy/lazy have lost the power completely. Damn Damn Damn. The Herald Sun says "Too Close to Call" and The Age says "Howard for another few years". Damn Damn Damn.

Exciting stuff.

V-man is asleep downstairs and M&D are hanging and cooking. I'm getting hungry and should sit down to watch how Tasmania is voting so far - their polls closed an hour ago. Darling V-man drove down to see me today, worked his arse off at work earlier today. I'm hungover and tried very hard to tell Daniel NOT to vote Nationals when we headed in today to vote - what a funny mix we were - Daniel, Ned and Meals (me of course) - If only one in three people voted coalition things might turn out ok. Damn Damn Damn!!!

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