Tuesday, November 16, 2004

No War

I want to scream it into the face of everyone at the moment.

Although I don't want to go into details here, those of you who know what happened maybe can understand. My brother has made all his own decisions, and now it seems people have mistook them for my or my family's decisions.

I'm a lovely nice person, and I like it when people are comfortable around me and we are friends.

But I am sick to death of being someone else's sister - who chose to go to war. I'm sick to death of talking about 'old war tales' with people I hardly know. And I'm sick to death of the future of this country, even though the future hasn't even arrived. Sick to death of it.

Without mum and dad being here - I am the family. I am the brave face and the voice and the understanding. And that's why I've been sick, that's why I had a cold sore and couldn't make out with my boyfriend; I have too much responsibility.

It's been good being sick though, being away from work, watching buffy (series 7), watching buffy with the commentary. something i haven't done before!

Anyways, I'm sorry to be a grumpy guts but I just want to yell somewhere that's not in the backyard (grandma will hear), and i don't think i can yell into the phone at the defence force because it's not there fault.

There you go.

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