Tuesday, March 12, 2002

hey, i'm listening to Morrissey on the computer - 'your arsenal'. i'm checking my email, paying my mobile bill. Catherine came home earlier with loads of costumes for the film she's working on, and then Dean just came home, riding his bike! (he just asked me if his boyf. Brett had been home... but no! i haven't seen him!) i'm going to look for information on Deleuze's Cinema and why the hell he started writing philosophy about it! it's tricky, but i have some more information to look for. We just got back from Syd. last night. We watched the latest episode of Buffster, before we went to bed (V. C & i) and it was pretty good! Yeah! i have rowing in the morning and then work at the place i've worked at before in port melbourne. should be ok, i'll be able to do some reading, because people will be out of the office..... yeah!

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