Wednesday, March 06, 2002

Hi there! I'm at the Internet Cafe in Heidelberg (sp?) and looking for actors agencies on the web. no that many are up with it! Here is the one i went and had a little interview with DG Actors Management they are in Prahran, and maybe a little out of my league. but that's not positive is it? i'm a super doopa star! here is the website i built yesterday too Stratford Reunion. it's lovely for the older women who will be the ones looking at it!
Ok, my question for today.... here's the scenario: Often before (mostly after) blogging i look at the blogs which have recently been updated: if i see something i like i MAY consider contacting them (extremely rare possibility, because it would only be if they mentioned Morrissey or Douglas Coupland). But this leads to my question..... if anybody out there clicks on my blog when i update it recently. if someone does now PLEASE email me:
Just Curious.

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