Wednesday, July 24, 2002

hi there, i'm very tired - because the buffy series final was on last night, and it went for two hours. i loved it, and i was so happy at the end, because after everything that spike endured, he was granted a soul - 'his former self'. hahahaha, amy knew that was going to happen. so i wonder now if he'll be a vamp like angel, or an actual human without superhero powers. like xander. oh well. he's a spunk anyways.
so yeah, since i had work this morning - i'm pretty tired now.
just read through james' blog & and although i'm really happy that i can read it here in the country - he's done so much work. I haven't really done any work.... my problem so far is letting myself be a fool, or feel like a fool, when i'm not really. how can i be clumsy? how can i be a fool? i haven't read stuff & felt compelled to write about it yet.

anyways, grumpiness aside, everything else is fine. Vincent and i are going along really good. we saw battleship potemkin at the astor last sunday. and i just booked my derrida documentary today (as part of the film festival) so that will be great for next week. i'll start working abc tues - thursday from next week onwards, and i'll test the waters after another month. i've been there for a month so far, and whilst today isn't a great indicator (buffy tired) i'm pretty happy there at the moment. in a month i'll be able to see how good i'm going....

i'm off to have a bath, or something. maybe some food? confused and delirous today. good thing that the full moon was this morning - hopefully tonight won't be so bad/.....

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