Wednesday, September 25, 2002

oh, buffy was my last post! i'm tired again, but this time from scrunching up my eyes too much and wiggling my nose - because i'm writing my thesis. it's taking a long time.
oh well, other things are going ok: napier street rocks, it's cute, and getting summer time up there (we went to the fitzroy baths on sunday arvo) so that's lovely.
my cutie vincent is going lovely too. he's working hard at complete post, and getting loads of jobs. he's coming down for this weekend, to take country photos and enjoy some fresh air. i think he and dad are building a futon base.??
the best thing in the whole world is that Morrissey is coming soon, OCT 15, and i bought amy and my tickets on friday. so we're definetly going~!!!!

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